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Items from this post, including a Pikmin shirt and a Princess Mononoke bag, are featured in collage form. Graphic: Cameron Faulkner/Polygon | Source images: Gelato Pique, Nintendo, Marvel, Kith, Casetify, Khara, Studio Ghibli, Levi’s Strauss

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2023 summer fashion, inspired by things we watch, play, and read

What will you wear when you go out? We have some ideas

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Cameron Faulkner (he/him) is Polygon’s commerce editor. He began writing about tech and gaming in 2013, and migrated from The Verge in 2023.

We’re well into the hot summer season, a sweaty ol’ time when many of us gravitate solely toward clothing that’s cool and comfortable. Who cares if it’s fashionable? In case you do care about fashion, and you — like us — want what you wear to reflect the games, books, and movies you’ve been loving this year, then this post should be a refreshing (if not slightly ridiculous) summer treat.

It’s true that some of these items cost well outside what most people can afford. But hey, a little window shopping won’t hurt anyone.

Levi’s x Princess Mononoke collab

Levi’s announced a collaboration with Studio Ghibli that includes a gorgeous collection of denim, graphic T-shirts, and more. The limited-edition drop begins Aug. 5, and it may not last for long. Members who have a free account with Levi’s can get early access to the sale.

As for what inspired the pieces, the Levi’s design team said, “Princess Mononoke features hand-painted backgrounds depicting gorgeous scenes in nature, and that’s something we felt really inspired by. We wanted to bring an emphasis on that into the pieces.”

You can check out the whole Levi’s x Princess Mononoke collection here.

Kith x X-Men 60th anniversary collab

You say you’re a fan of the X-Men, but you didn’t create an entire line of clothes, accessories, and memorabilia to honor the franchise’s 60th anniversary, did you? Kith did, launching its collection including T-shirts, denim jackets, shoes — heck, even an arcade machine — on July 28. There was clearly a lot of love put into this collaboration; the remastered Asics shoes come in a blind box with a pre-graded X-Men trading card, and you’ve hit it big if you open the Wolverine 1975 colorway, which appears in just one of every 36 pairs of shoes.

While many of the products in the collection are sold out, you can check out the suite of gear here.

Casetify x Neon Genesis Evangelion accessories

A quarter-angle shot of the full Casetify Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration, featuring phone and tablet cases, watch straps, AirPod cases, and a charging dock Image: Casetify/Khara

Smartphone accessory brand Casetify launched a lineup of Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed cases, chargers, and more for iPhone, iPad, and AirPods. You can rep your fandom for the emotionally complex mecha anime with one of these accessories.

Casetify’s site lists some of the items, and they aren’t exactly cheap. The Evangelion Test Type-01 collectible AirPods Pro case is $122. The Evangelion Umbilical Cable magnetic wireless charger for phones is $52. The awesome Evangelion charging dock with the Umbilical Cable magnetic wireless charger is $122. Lastly, the Evangelion rope phone strap is $52.

Igloo x Sonic the Hedgehog cooler

A product photo of Igloo’s Sonic the Hedgehog Playmate cooler, with 16-bit graphics on the lid and a bright red body Image: Igloo/Sega

What brand collaboration could make Sonic the Hedgehog even cooler? How about Igloo coolers? While it’s not necessarily fashion, Igloo’s Sonic cooler might fit perfectly with other game- or movie-themed accessories you like to tote along on your everyday journeys.

I can’t personally say I’ve ever had the specific desire to own a cooler that’ll get people talking, but if you have, then I can’t think of a better (and surprisingly inexpensive) cooler for picnics, beach time, and more. The cooler costs $39.99.

Gelato Pique x Pikmin 4 collab

The model Mayu Matsuoka is showing off some of Gelato Pique’s new Pikmin-themed clothing, including T-shirts and headbands that are in different colors, corresponding to some of the Pikmin’s coloring. ImageKodai Ikemitsu/Be Natural

It’s true: Some of the items in this post aren’t going to be easy to buy, and this is one of them. Gelato Pique, a boutique Japanese apparel brand, has introduced a lineup of Pikmin 4 gear. If you like cute clothing and enjoy Pikmin, I’m both excited for you and sorry for how difficult it might be for you to acquire some of this stuff. Some of the products are available to buy on Gelato Pique’s U.S. site, but it isn’t the full collection that people in Japan are being treated to.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to window shop. Gelato Pique’s collection includes reusable eco bags, house shoes, Pikmin headbands (so, so cute), T-shirts, dresses, and more.

ColourPop x Naruto makeup

ColourPop’s full Naruto makeup collection, including an eyeshadow palette with some neutral shades as well as very Naruto-like orange and blue; pink, brown, and blue eyeliner pencils; gold glitter gel; lip gloss; and individual shadow pots in red, orange, and blue, corresponding to Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke. Image: Masashi Kishimoto/ColourPop

Cosmetics brand ColourPop is known for its creative and colorful brand collabs, and the new Naruto collection is no different. You can get the full $89 collection inspired by the beloved anime and manga series, featuring an eyeshadow palette with “essential neutrals and bright pops of colour inspired by your fave Naruto characters.”

For the full collection — both as a set and as individual, a la carte items, like the gel eyeliner pencils and individual eyeshadow pots — you can head over to ColourPop.

Barbie x Crocs

A Black person and a white person modeling the new Barbie Crocs. Image: Crocs

Crocs jumped into the bright pink pool of hype ahead of the launch of Barbie in theaters, and the shoes have become a popular accessory for people showing up to watch the film. Crocs has more than one model of shoes, and in this post my colleague Nicole Clark explained each better than I ever could:

There’s a Barbie Classic Clog, with Barbie’s silhouette patterned across the sides; also, there’s the Barbie Crush Clog, which has a bit of hot pink pillow-y height; and a Barbie Cozzzy Sandal (in pink, of course) that has a fluffy lined interior. But the true pièce de résistance is the Barbie the Movie Mega Crush Clog, which has the logo patterned across the top, and boast a platform (peak Y2K aesthetic) with both a lug sole and a sparkly midlayer.

Pokémon Tropical Blossoming Friendships shirt

Image: The Pokémon Company via Polygon

Can we all agree that a Pokémon shirt has no business looking this good? The Pokémon Company is selling this 100% rayon button-up shirt featuring a classy arrangement of pocket monsters, including Eevee, Pikachu, Psyduck, and more. The colors, fit, and style are ready for the beach. From far away, it looks like your average tropical shirt. Just be prepared to be stopped by multiple people who are tickled to discover that your tropical shirt is actually packed with cute Pokémon.

Personalized Disney beach towels

Image: The Walt Disney Company, shopDisney

Celebrate your favorite Disney character or franchise with a big beach towel with your name on it — literally! You can personalize any of the towels listed here on shopDisney to display your name, or any other appropriate phrase you can think of (cursing won’t work, we’ve tried!).

Since we’re over the hill on summer 2023, many of the towels are discounted, making it cheaper to customize a towel as a gift. No matter when you buy one, it’ll come in handy at some point, either on vacation or just for using after a shower.

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