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Looking for a new anime to start? Want to know when the next season of your favorite show is returning? We've got all the latest anime news and recommendations for you right here

Luffy’s latest Gear joins the most iconic anime power-ups of all time

Gojo and Geto broke up, press F to pay respects

Cult classic anime Mononoke returns with a new film next summer

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury owners walk back queer representation

The best anime of 2023 so far

A spine-tingling clip from Uzumaki emerges from Adult Swim Festival 2023

Cowboy Bebop creator, John Wick director team for anime that looks slick as hell

Netflix’s live-action One Piece sends Luffy to the Grand Line to become king of the pirates

Rick and Morty season 7 will replace Justin Roiland’s characters with ‘soundalikes’

One Piece’s three newest movies are coming to Crunchyroll

Piccolo’s voice actor wants you to get out there and ‘be the Piccolo’ for someone

The exhilarating Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtrack is coming to vinyl

Hayao Miyazaki’s How Do You Live? is a gloriously demented farewell

Tons of Blu-rays and streaming services are on sale for Prime Day

This official Evangelion AirPods case is perfect

Attack on Titan’s last episode finally has a trailer ahead of fall 2023 release

The wildest anime of the year is built on entertainment horror stories

When Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 comes out, based on everything we know

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will soon be a lot easier to stream

Crunchyroll is adding 15 Dragon Ball Z movies to its catalog

The must-watch anime to look out for in summer 2023

The hyper-violent Viking anime’s best arc is actually about farming

Netflix’s One Piece live-action first look shows Luffy putting his crew together

You can finally watch one of the most influential anime ever made

Watch the emotionally intense anime movie A Silent Voice before it leaves Netflix

Fantasy monsters have never looked tastier than in Studio Trigger’s Delicious in Dungeon

The Trigun manga will get a new US printing for the first time in over a decade

Knights of the Zodiac guts a beloved anime franchise to make a pointless movie

The best one-season anime you can watch in a weekend

A Trigun fan account just turned a queer 2019 sci-fi novel into an Amazon bestseller

Netflix gets closer to Ash’s finale, with part 3 of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys hitting in June

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Metal Gear Solid meets Tom Clancy in this dark and stylish spy anime

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