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That time Batman told Raphael the Ninja Turtle, ‘This is where I watched my parents die’

One Piece’s remarkable twist: Every moment in its 25-year run is paying off

Shredder isn’t the big bad of TMNT: Mutant Mayhem because he can’t relate to teens

Good job, Professor X, you just misplaced 99% of the X-Men in space

Wonder Woman, Egyptian fantasy, and pro wrestling in 2023’s best comics

Why has Seth Rogen never made a Marvel Movie? ‘Probably fear’

Secret Invasion’s politics can’t be trusted

DC’s turning every superhero into an animal

Watchmen is getting an R-rated animated adaptation, will we ever know peace

Invincible season 2 gets a surprise episode out now (plus an actual release date)

Marvel Comics’ new Punisher series replaces Frank Castle with... a brand-new character

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Anime helped make Teen Titans one of the 2000s’ most important shows

Teen Titans go anime

Kith made some hypebeast apparel for X-Men’s 60th anniversary

Ms. Marvel will come back from the dead for new comic series written by her MCU actor

After 23 years, Deadpool 3 finally puts Wolverine in his yellow costume

The best comics to read on the beach in 2023

Apple’s animated series, Strange Planet, has a big voice acting challenge

If Secret Invasion’s big bad is teasing a Fantastic future, it may never come

Suicide Squad anime movie from Attack on Titan studio looks absolutely twisted

What Nimona the movie loses by nerfing the comic’s best relationship

Nimona’s radical page-to-screen story changes were a queer necessity

Netflix’s Nimona movie adds backstory ND Stevenson always wanted to put in the comic

Wonder Woman’s new kid nods to the character’s polyamorous origins

The Flash has the only movie multiverse that makes real sense, and I can prove it

The skinny on SABER, Nick Fury’s fancy space station that keeps showing up in the MCU

Secret Invasion’s Disney Plus series is nothing like the comics

We have some questions about the Kraven movie

Coda is getting a sequel comic, to blast the eyeballs out of your skull with more fantasy art

A Father’s Day gift to his son — a tour of Mad magazine

Breaking down every cameo in The Flash, from the obvious to the obscure

So does The Flash actually reboot the DCEU?

So who really killed Barry Allen’s mom in The Flash?

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