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Netflix’s password sharing crackdown also killed one of my family’s favorite pastimes

Barbie lets America Ferrera play the kind of geek we never see

Diablo 4 avoids the FOMO pressure of live-service games

Baldur’s Gate 3’s inspiration system is a great reason to role-play

Baldur’s Gate 3 solves an annoying RPG problem with one little symbol

Baldur’s Gate 3’s opening gave me like 8 new phobias

One Piece’s remarkable twist: Every moment in its 25-year run is paying off

Baldur’s Gate 2 is the most important game you shouldn’t play in 2023

Good Omens season 2’s ending felt a lot like fanfic

Even the wildest Barbie fan theories are automatically true

I have a love-hate relationship with Pokémon Sleep

The best thing about Good Omens season 2 is also the worst

Haunted Mansion does right by the Disney ride’s scariest ghost

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Oppenheimer undoes decades of American denial about The Bomb

How Hollywood finally made The Bomb personal

Remnant 2’s depiction of mental illness surprised me

Baldur’s Gate 3 could be the next coming of the ‘BioWare RPG’

Oppenheimer’s controversial sex scene is actually crucial to its bomb sequence

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Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp helped me navigate the dreaded ‘Pink Aisle’

Diablo 4’s approach to body types lacks imagination

Tears of the Kingdom’s ending is its own kind of tragedy

‘What’s the correct viewing order for Barbenheimer?’ is the wrong question

Warhammer 40K is host to the most evil elves possible and I adore them

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s new patch sprinkles in some drama

None of Diablo 4’s characters are having a good time — and I love it

Secret Invasion should just rip off Call of Duty’s most controversial level already

65 solves the tech problem Star Trek and Star Wars can’t unravel

Dial of Destiny gave me everything I needed from a final Indiana Jones movie

Twitter clones, ranked: Who’s worth the commitment?

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‘Cut and Style’ Barbie gave me the queerest moment of my childhood

What Nimona the movie loses by nerfing the comic’s best relationship

I wish the Yiga Clan weren’t such silly geese in Tears of the Kingdom

Harrison Ford is too old to play Indiana Jones — but that’s the key to Dial of Destiny

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