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Mangasplaining is the podcast that turned me into a big bad manga boy

Rumbleverse’s pro wrestling battle royale comes to PlayStation and Xbox next year

Paul F. Tompkins helps us ask: Who should be the next James Bond?

Kumail Nanjiani and the impossible-to-top satire of Idiocracy

Greg Miller on Free Guy and optimizing the video game film genre

We played The Green Knight RPG and ... it might be even better than The Green Knight?

Sit down, Schwarzenegger, The Rock is the greatest action star of all time

Is Black Widow as close as we’ll ever get to a female James Bond?

Austin Powers is a beta male simp (and we love him for it)

Loki reinvents every Marvel movie for the better

The (real?) magic at the heart of the Lin-Manuel Mirandaverse

Cruella can be Disney and punk as hell

As our technology advances, so do our horror movies

Josie and the Pussycats is cinema’s greatest takedown of capitalism

Patton Oswalt helps us imagine the future of Star Wars

AEW’s Excalibur helps us grapple with the fantasy fights of Mortal Kombat

Is Zack Snyder’s Superman the best onscreen Superman?

Godzilla is a metaphor for everything in 2021

Listen to the premiere of Galaxy Brains, our new deep-dive podcast

Diablo 2 Resurrected remasters Blizzard’s classic RPG for console and PC

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War season 2 will start later this month

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The 10 best sci-fi podcasts imagining the future

Valorant Act 2 starts Aug. 5, includes Killjoy, the game’s newest Agent, and a new battle pass

7 podcasts with enormous and entertaining back catalogs

James McAvoy to star in Neil Gaiman’s new Sandman audio adaptation

The most popular podcasts currently filling the movie void

Watch Baby Yoda slaughter a town of stormtroopers in this Battlefront 2 mod

The best podcasts of 2019

The Louis Vuitton x League of Legends hoodie costs $2,420

Two seasons of the Critical Role animated series coming to Amazon Prime

Knights and Bikes, indie co-op darling, is getting a TV show

Dungeons & Dragons’ next adventure kicks off with a bunch of new podcasts

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