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Luffy’s latest Gear joins the most iconic anime power-ups of all time

Gojo and Geto broke up, press F to pay respects

The best TV of 2023 so far

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Paul Reubens and Pee-wee’s Playhouse made it okay for TV to be weird 

The campy counterculture of the show is so much of what’s missing from today’s pop culture

The perfect Oppenheimer follow-up (and best show you’ve never watched) is free on Tubi

Heartstopper season 2’s gut punches push it way beyond romantic ‘fluff’

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Star Trek’s first-ever musical episode divided the Strange New Worlds cast

To boldly go...

Barbie has a new movie, but Bratz has Kylie Jenner

Wheel of Time has a secret season 2 sneak preview hidden in an old episode

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury owners walk back queer representation

5 reasons (and the 5 best seasons) to love the wickedly hilarious UK panel show Taskmaster

The Witcher director had to send Henry Cavill off ‘in an epic way’

Good Omens season 2’s ending felt a lot like fanfic

I’m not sure what’s so twisted about Twisted Metal

Invincible’s Atom Eve special puts Green Lantern to shame

Every new movie and show coming to Disney Plus in August

Every movie and show coming to Netflix in August

Good Omens fans already want season 2 to join the heartbreak romance canon

A Netflix anime, Heartstopper, thriller finales, and all the new TV this week

The Twisted Metal TV show made sure it got one character exactly right — ol’ Evelyn

Loki season 2’s trailer sees the God of Mischief coming unstuck in Kang’s timeline

Why John Wilson is the weirdo that could change how you think about your city

Steven Soderbergh deconstructs back-to-back experiments: Full Circle and Command Z

The best thing about Good Omens season 2 is also the worst

The Witcher’s big villain reveal is so much better in the books

Good Omens season 2’s shocking ending makes sense to David Tennant and Michael Sheen

The Witcher season 3 saved the good stuff for the very end

All the Good Omens season 3 news we’ve heard so far

The Witcher season 3 changes Ciri’s book plot and takes away her best moment

Castlevania: Nocturne whips its way onto Netflix in September

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The Witcher season 3’s big twist was part Met Gala, part Red Wedding, and all details

The Thanedd battle has been a long time coming and was ‘every designer’s dream’

The Witcher season 4 won’t have Henry Cavill — but here’s what we know, so far

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